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“Helios” Medical Center was founded by diaspora Armenian entrepreneurs Helen Azaryan and Philip Patatanian in 2007 in Yerevan, Armenia. With the ideology of spreading a beautiful and healthy lifestyle, the center is destined to deliver high-quality medical, aesthetic, SPA, diagnostic and microbiology laboratory services. Helios medical center occupies its unique place in Armenian health care by shaping new and developed system of medical and aesthetic services. 

Our goal is to “Create the Good”.

Our mission is to “Transmit the secret of beautiful and healthy lifestyle”.

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  • Helen Azaryan’s advice to Syrian-Armenian women

    We are all appreciated in our homeland:

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  • “Yearning conversation with myself…” Helen Azaryan’s interview published in “With and without a tie” magazine

    The interview of Founding Director and Head Physician of “Helios” Medical Center Helen Azaryan headlined “Yearning conversation with myself…” has been published in “With and without a tie” magazine.

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  • “Helios Podology” opens by investments of Kuwaiti-Armenian entrepreneur

    Helen Azaryan, an entrepreneur who has invested in the Armenian economy and healthcare system for the past ten years, is founding a new center in Armenia, and creating new jobs.

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  • Helen Azaryan is the guest of “Specialist online” TV program

    Helen Azaryan is the guest of “Specialist online” TV program

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  • Training on plasmolifting

    Training on plasmolifting took place at ‘’Helios’’ Medical Center in October, 2015

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  • Helen Azaryan is the guest of “Specialist online” TV program

    Plasmolifting: Helen Azaryan is the guest of “Specialist online” TV program

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  • International symposium

    ‘’New Horizons for Plastic Surgery and Dermato-Cosmetology’’ in September, 2015

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  • Pan-Armenian Games

    Kuwaiti team participating in Pan-Armenian Games for the first time arrives in Armenia thank to “Helios”

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  • General Sponsor of first international seminar-workshop

    “Helios” is the General Sponsor of first international seminar-workshop themed “Yerevan dermatovenerologic readings”.

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  • School of Hyaluronanplastic

    “Helios” medical center and “Maruga” company (Moscow city) organized an educational seminar headlined “School of Hyaluronanplastic” on July 2, 2014.

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  • World famous French SOTHYS brand

    In April, 2014 “Helios” medical center granted the Armenian consumers of delicate taste an opportunity to make use of the unique assortment of world famous SOTHYS brand.

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  • “Best Businesswoman” at “Diaspora Investor”

    Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Director of “Helios” medical center, Diaspora Armenian businesswoman Helen Azaryan on November 4, 2013.

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  • National trust

    “Helios” medical center was recognized the best at NATIONAL TRUST awards in 2012

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  • A medical center where the incurable becomes curable, as this is the place where professional specialists are employed, and every patient, entering here, feels safe. And as Armenian scientist and doctor Mkhitar Heratsi has mentioned, a doctor must not pay attention to whether a patient is rich or poor, wears luxurious or torn clothes, but must grant health by prescribing medicine and leave smiling, giving the patient hope for life, which we witness at “Helios” center.

    R. Abajyan
  • I attend “Helios” for about 3 years. I bow in front of all those who create beauty and services aspiring to perfectness. There are no specialists or non-specialists here; there is a team which amazingly fulfills its devotion to beauty.
    Thank you. You granted me another opportunity to experience youth.

    Naira Kharatyan -
  • I am very impressed with the accommodations and high level service of “Helios” center, as well as kind and careful attitude of the administrator, which you feel just from the entrance. Interacting with the entire medical staff, you feel that you are in safe hands. In addition to high professional qualification, the entire staff has courteous behavior and shows friendly, caring attitude.

    Galya Hovhannisyan
  • I, Sargis Jamkochyan, received treatment by Professor Danielyan and felt the results of his advices very quickly: I got rid of terrible itching within one week. At the same time I would like to express gratitude to the careful staff which spared no efforts to restore my health. Forever “Helios”, forever its staff! A number of similar centers and Yerevan residents will be in much better situation.

    Sargis Jamkochyan
  • I am deeply impressed by the head of the laboratory Doctor Ester and cordially thank her and the whole medical staff for warm and careful treatment.

    Svetlana Altayan
  • I am thankful to the staff of “Helios” for cordial and careful treatment. I wish you every success in your humanitarian activities. Always remain as you are now: Amicable and hospitable.

    Parandzem Azaryan
  • I attach great importance to the staff’s professional and friendly reception.

    S. Hayarpi
  • I am deeply thankful to Professor Danielyan, Doctor Vardanyanc Araksia and manager Karine for high level service and careful, solicitous and gentle attitude.

    Margaryan, S. T.